Sushi Shtat Camping

Sushi Shtat Camping



Writing a captivating script is a fundamental step in any cool video! There is no limit to our imagination and this can be seen from the first minute of cooperation.

We are ready to offer a unique concept on any topic, and most importantly make it “like theirs, but a hundred times better.” Our specialists have a special gift – with the help of digital tools, to bring to life even the most incredible, at first glance, stories!

Check out our promo video for SushiShtat and see for yourself!

  • Scope

    • Promotional video
    • Competitive analysis
    • Sound accompaniment
  • Industry

    • Food & Beverage
    • E-commerce

It took a long time to decide whether to apply to the agency, but in the end they decided and did not regret it! Thanks a lot for the quality!

Katie Martinez

Product manager