Client Brief: What is it?

Client Brief: What is it?

A brief is a detailed questionnaire that a client fills out before work begins on his order. Most often, the brief is used in companies that provide creative services: they are engaged in website development, content filling, targeting and SMM promotion.

“In order for the result of the work to meet the expectations of the customer and shoot right on target, the specialist must rely on accurate and reliable information – about the tasks that the client wants to solve, about the business and the target audience.”

The brief is a universal tool that benefits both the performer and the customer. It helps the contractor to obtain a large amount of reliable information, on the basis of which it is possible to perform their work efficiently.

Quality assurance. The more detailed and detailed the client fills out the brief – describes all the nuances, shares his vision of the result, attaches links to the projects he likes – the more the end result will meet his expectations.

Saving time. Yes, this is true for the client too. If the performer approaches the work responsibly, he will still ask questions and elicit specifics. It is better to immediately take the time to brief and then answer a couple of clarifying questions than to be distracted from work by calls and letters every time a new idea comes to the performer.

A new look at your own business. When you have been working in the market for a long time and are constantly busy with daily affairs, it is not easy to find time and look at the situation from a different angle. The eye blurs. When you fill out the brief, you may come up with interesting ideas for development, positioning and promotions. Some thoughts can be prompted by a detailed description of the properties of your own product, others by — the characteristics of the target audience or competitor sites. Such brainstorming will bring to the surface something that you have long forgotten or never thought about at all.

Financial savings. A completed brief can guarantee that the client will like the result of the work. He will not have to re-order the same service from another contractor and overpay.