Petson grooming salon

Petson grooming salon



Taking care of our furry friends is important!

That is why, when we received an order from a grooming salon to create illustrations for sticker packs, our team of specialists immediately saw the final result: pure affection, love, and care in every detail and line, otherwise how else can we express this boundless warmth and charm that envelops us every time we look at our pets?

Playful sticker packs for cat and dog owners now complement the extensive list of services from Petson.

  • Scope

    • Illustrations & animations
    • Sticker pack
    • Product Positioning
    • Collateral design
  • Industry

    • Animal care
    • Grooming salon
Our experience with Come Back Agency has been absolutely top-notch. Their friendly and professional team has helped us successfully target prospective customers, so we know exactly what to expect from design.

Maks Filton

Marketing specialist