How do we come up with and develop successful and unique logos? Just needle-shaped: we focus on the feelings and emotions the logo should evoke and the vibe of the brand that it brings to the masses.

Each of our projects is a part of us because we develop ideas that are close to us and would first impress us as consumers. That’s the whole secret.

When accomplishing an order for a Hozer, we knew for sure that it should be simple, always there when you need it, like the most reliable friend. We developed the logo and packaging inspired by that idea. It turned out very fresh and casual.

  • Scope

    • Logo design
    • Corporate identity design
    • Labels & Packaging design
    • New Product Launch
    • Brand & Product Launch Campaigns
    • Research & Audience Segmentation
    • Value Proposition
  • Industry

    • Glove Manufacturing
Imaginative, thoughtful, creative, and personal, Come Back Agency was the perfect fit. Designers brought great ideas, vision, options, and energy to the process.

Colin Wilson